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Bracketology 12/31/15

It's time for my annual New Year's Eve tradition, my first bracket of the year! Bracketology this time of year is an inexact science, the RPI hasn't really settled yet as seen through things such as 3-loss Texas A&M Corpus Christi being in the top 50. Updates through January will be once or twice a week, once we get into February and I have more data points to rely on they'll be near-daily. This bracket is through games of December 30th. The seed lists are simply read left to right, there's no snaking involved.

1: Michigan State, Xavier, Virginia, Oklahoma
2: North Carolina, Kansas,Iowa State, Villanova
3: Kentucky, Purdue, Dayton, Miami (FL)
4: Texas A&M, Providence, Duke, Texas Tech
5: Oregon, Pittsburgh, Florida, Arizona
6: Utah, Butler, Texas, Maryland
7: Iowa, George Washington, Louisville, West Virginia
8: Colorado, USC, South Carolina, Georgia
9: Seton Hall, Oregon State, Vanderbilt, UCLA
10: Baylor, Wichita State, Notre Dame, Connecticut
11: Gonzaga,…