Bracketology 2/17/19

Few changes today- Buffalo moves up to a 6 seed with their nice win at Toledo. That kills any nascent at-large hopes the Rockets had. Huge day of hoops across the country today- unfortunately I will not be able to watch much today but the headliner is undoubtedly Tennessee/Kentucky in Rupp. Almost every bubble team is in action today, so expect a host of new teams in the field tomorrow.

1: Duke, Tennessee, Virginia, Gonzaga
2: Kentucky, Michigan State, Michigan, North Carolina
3: KansasHouston, Marquette, Purdue
4: LSU, Nevada, Texas Tech, Kansas State
5: Wisconsin, Maryland, Villanova, Louisville
6: Iowa State, Iowa, Florida State, Buffalo
7: Mississippi State, Virginia Tech, Mississippi, Cincinnati
8: TCU, Baylor, Auburn, St. John's
9: WoffordWashington, Texas, Syracuse
10: North Carolina State, Ohio State, Minnesota, Oklahoma
11: Lipscomb, UCF, Seton Hall, Alabama
12: VCU, Belmont, (Clemson/Indiana), (Temple/Nebraska)
13: New Mexico State, Hofstra, Vermont, Yale
14: South Dakota State, O…

Bracketology 2/16/19

I went through and re-evaluated all the resumes this evening so there's some shakeups throughout the bracket reflecting that. Virginia Tech, North Carolina State and VCU were among the teams that dropped from this, while Maryland, Mississippi State and Texas were among the teams that rose. On the bubble, Nebraska ended their skid and moved back into the field, and Lipscomb lost to Liberty. I think the Bisons are probably fine if they win out to the A-Sun championship game- given the cluster of likely 14 and 15 loss power conference teams at the bubble. Buffalo at Toledo is the headliner tomorrow night- the Rockets are a solid team and this is an opportunity for a 2nd Q1 win for the Bulls.

1: Duke, Tennessee, Virginia, Gonzaga
2: Kentucky, Michigan State, Michigan, North Carolina
3: KansasHouston, Marquette, Purdue
4: LSU, Nevada, Texas Tech, Kansas State
5: Wisconsin, Maryland, Villanova, Louisville
6: Iowa State, Iowa, Florida State, Mississippi State
7: Virginia Tech, Buffalo, Missis…

Bracketology 2/13/19

Last night was one of the craziest nights of mid-week hoops I can remember. First, there was a fantastic game in Madison where Michigan State won a rockfight over Wisconsin. At the same time, LSU won at the buzzer at Kentucky. In the next window, Michigan lost at home to Penn State (the Nittany Lions' 2nd Big Ten win of the year) and Duke came back from a 20 point deficit in 9 minutes at Louisville. All in all, half of the committee's top 16 seeds have lost since the reveal on Saturday afternoon, muddying the picture at the top significantly. The 1 seeds are solid right now but I debated the order of the 2 seeds quite a bit.

1: Duke, Tennessee, Virginia, Gonzaga
2: Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina, Michigan
3: KansasMarquette, Purdue, Houston
4: Nevada, LSU, Texas Tech, Kansas State
5: Wisconsin, Iowa State, Louisville, Maryland
6: Villanova, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Iowa
7: Auburn, Mississippi State, Buffalo, Ohio State
8: Cincinnati, TCU, Mississippi, St. John's

Bracketology 2/11/19

The committee's top 16 reveal went largely as expected. They had Duke #1 overall, not Virginia, so the Blue Devils' win in Charlottesville on Saturday only tightens their grip on the top overall spot. I had all 16 teams correct though, and just swapped Marquette and Louisville's seed lines. The weekend's bubble action was mixed, like usual. Clemson got a nice win over Virginia Tech, Arizona State knocked off Washington, and Butler picked up a road win at Georgetown. On the losing end, Indiana lost yet again (this time at home to Ohio State), Oklahoma dropped to 3-8 in the Big 12 and Utah State fell at SDSU. The biggest bubble games of the next 2 days are Oklahoma at Baylor and Butler at St. John's, both visitors will be looking to pick up big Q1 road wins.

1: Duke, Tennessee, Gonzaga, Virginia
2: Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Michigan State
3: Purdue, Marquette, Houston, Kansas
4: Nevada, Wisconsin, Louisville, Texas Tech
5: Iowa State, Kansas State, LSU, Villanov…