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Bracketology 1/21/19

There was chaos on the top line as Virginia, Michigan and Kansas all lost on Saturday. I spent a while trying to order the top few teams and originally settled on this configuration. Virginia and Michigan don't quite have the depth of quality wins of the other two, Michigan in particular. It's real close between all 5 teams though- they're all legitimate contenders for the #1 overall seed. Gonzaga is getting close to the top line as well.

Down at the bubble, Temple is the only team that took a bad loss over the weekend, falling at home to Florida. I've bumped Wofford up to the 11 line above the First Four teams at they notched a Q2 win against Furman. Baylor is also rocketing towards the bracket with a big win over Texas Tech, they've righted the ship after two ugly Q4 losses in the non-con. Pittsburgh is also moving up the seed list, looking to erase a really ugly loss at home to Niagara.

A little bit of a bracketing quirk today as I have a potential 2nd round Duk…

Bracketology 1/19/19

I decided to add a Saturday update this week as I did some resume comparison today and moved some teams throughout the seed list. Some teams that moved up significantly include Maryland, St. John's and Wofford, while Nevada, North Carolina State and Clemson are falling.

There's a host of great games coming up tomorrow- Virginia at Duke is obviously the highlight, but I would also keep an eye on Indiana/Purdue, St. John's/Butler, Michigan/Wisconsin, Oklahoma/Texas and more. Expect a new update on Monday.

1: Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee, Kansas
2: Michigan State, Duke, Gonzaga, Texas Tech
3: North Carolina, Marquette, Houston, Nevada
4: Maryland, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Buffalo
5: Kentucky, Florida State, Villanova, Iowa
6: Auburn, LSU, Iowa State, Nebraska
7: Mississippi State, Indiana, Mississippi, Louisville
8: North Carolina State, Purdue, Kansas State, Wisconsin
9: St. John's, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Texas
10: TCU, Ohio State, Seton Hall, UCF
11: Arizona, Washingt…

Bracketology 1/17/19

The biggest result of the last few days was in Durham where Syracuse got a huge win over Duke. The Orange were solidly outside the field before that win and are solidly inside afterwards. Other bubble teams did not perform as well- Minnesota got run out of the building by Illinois, Clemson still hasn't won a game in the ACC, and UCF dropped a game at Wichita State.

All eyes will be on Virginia/Duke this weekend. Depending on Kansas and Michigan State's results, I may drop the Blue Devils from the 1 line with a loss. A lot of bubble teams have chances to help themselves this weekend- Texas against Oklahoma, Arizona at home against the Oregon schools, and St. John's at Butler.

1: Virginia, Michigan, Duke, Tennessee
2: Kansas, Michigan State, Gonzaga, Texas Tech
3: Nevada, Houston, Marquette, North Carolina
4: Virginia Tech, Florida State, Oklahoma, Buffalo
5: Auburn, Villanova, LSU, Kentucky
6: Nebraska, Maryland, North Carolina State, Iowa State
7: Purdue, Kansas State, Iow…