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Indy on a roll!

After a 0-13 start to the season, the Colts have won 2 in a row, dramatically dropping their chances to land Andrew Luck #1 overall. I haven't examined the SOS tiebreaker closely, but I think St. Louis will be picking #1. In case you don't know, the tiebreaker for draft order is worst SOS picks first. There are a bunch of big games on the NFL slate this Saturday, but my eye will be on San Diego @ Detroit. The Chargers on on a roll (did you see them on SNF?) but my Lions clinch a playoff berth with a win. Neither the Jets or Bengals have easy schedules remaining, so the Chargers have a realistic shot at a wild card, not to mention the AFC West crown. I wouldn't rule out Buffalo this week against the Broncos, CJ Spiller was great against Miami and no one paid attention. He's a good fantasy sleeper for fantasy playoff season. I qualified for my 6-team playoff in a 10 team league at 6-8 (6th seed) but had a monster week last week. I picked up Tebow off waivers, and add Ari…

Chris Paul and NBA parity

Well, I had a rant typed up about Chris Paul to the Lakers, but then Stern rejected the trade. I think this is a very good move by the NBA. The league owns the Hornets, so who's to say they can't veto the deal? The league wants to allow small market franchises to succeed (eg. the Spurs) so we don't end up with 5 teams in LA and New York. Anyways, here's my rant I typed up that will be applicable if the deal ends up going through (which I think will happen):
In case you haven't heard yet (which I doubt), Chris Paul is headed to the Lakers. Personally, I don't like this move for LA. They're losing Gasol and Odom, to pick up another guard who wants to be #1. I don't think CP3 and Kobe can live with being a supporting cast member. This brings me to another point about the NBA. It is extrodinarily hard to succeed consistently outside of the major cities. I think that teams like the Warriors and the Wizards can take advantage of this, as the Bay Area and DC …

Harvard, the BCS and more

Well, I got a Blogger app for my iPhone, so I think this can be updated more. In case you guys haven't heard, Harvard is ranked #24 in the college basketball polls, they're ranked for the first time ever. They play #9 Connecticut tonight (go Harvard!) Once college basketball season really gets rolling (maybe around New Years'?) I'll start my bracketology (7th in the Bracket Matrix last year.) On a much more annoying note, the BCS games this year are an absolute joke. Va Tech getting an at large? A match-up of 15 vs. 23? Also, every game doesn't count, BCS idiots. The "Game of the Century" is being treated as a scrimage. As long as Alabama doesn't blow out LSU, I will vote LSU #1 because they deserve it.

Additionally, the Angels signed Albert Pujols to a ridiculously long deal he doesn't deserve. He's in his 30's, and you give him 10 years? Are you crazy? The Angels also picked up CJ Wilson…