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Bracketology 1/28/13

Well, I'm back with another seed list! Bracket may accompany tomorrow. Few things I'd like to mention:
1) Don't forget the seed list snakes. This means that it's like an s-curve, the top 2 seed is Indiana, the top 4 is New Mexico, etc.
2) I turned the Next 4 out section into the Next 7 out. The number of teams in that section will vary, it's sort of an "also considered" list.
3) Bubble teams just keep losing. Boise State and Temple are now in very precarious positions after losses. La Salle gets 2 huge wins against the top of the A-10 to become an 11 seed, Iowa State gets a big win over Kansas State as well. Wyoming is in a precarious position after a 2-3 start to conference play. 
4) I made some re-evaluations. I realized Memphis' resume sucks, for example, and Belmont's resume is better.
5) A quick, random note about BYU and Southern Miss. How can so many people have Southern Miss in and BYU out? Their resumes are practically identical, save the fact…

Bracketology 1/23/13

Bracket and seed list this time! Note that some teams had to switch seed lines in the bracket to maintain bracketing principles (Georgetown/Mississippi)

East Region (Washington DC):

1 Duke vs. 16 (Mercer/Bryant)
8 Missouri vs. 9 Oklahoma State
4 Cincinnati vs. 13 Akron
5 Ohio State vs. 12 Stephen F. Austin
San Jose
3 Gonzaga vs. 14 Davidson
6 Colorado State vs. 11 Memphis
2 Indiana vs. 15 Niagara
7 Marquette vs. 10 Colorado

West Region (Los Angeles):

1 Florida vs. 16 Weber State
8 Notre Dame vs. 9 Illinois
4 VCU vs. 13 Louisiana Tech
5 UNLV vs. 12 (Indiana State/Iowa State)
Kansas City
3 Minnesota vs. 14 Valparaiso
6 Miami (FL) vs. 11 Belmont
San Jose
2 Arizona vs. 15 Pacific
7 San Diego State vs. 10 Oklahoma

Midwest Region (Indianapolis):

Auburn Hills
1 Michigan vs. 16 (North Carolina Central/Charleston Southern)
8 Pittsburgh vs. 9 North Carolina
Salt Lake City
4 Creighton vs. 13 Middle Tennessee
5 Kansas State vs. 12 Boise State
3 Louisville vs. 14 Northeastern 

Bracketology 1/21/13

Well, certainly some changes this time around. Florida gets the last #1 seed, and the Iowa hate coming from the crowd is now at a deafening roar. Saint Louis suffered a bad loss at home to Rhode Island, Boise fell to Air Force in a game they shouldn't have. Lots of other bubble teams faltered, leading the way for Saint Mary's and Indiana State to sneak into the bracket.

1: Duke, Michigan, Kansas, Florida
2: Indiana,Arizona, Syracuse, Louisville 
3: Butler, Gonzaga, New Mexico, Minnesota, 
4: VCU, Kansas State, Creighton, North Carolina State
5: Cincinnati, Michigan State, Ohio State, Oregon, 
6: UCLA, Notre Dame, Illinois, UNLV, 
7: Miami (FL), Oklahoma State, San Diego State, Wichita State
8: Memphis, Wyoming, Missouri, Colorado State
9: Mississippi, Georgetown, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh
10: Temple, Colorado, Marquette, North Carolina
11:Oklahoma, Kentucky, Iowa, Belmont, 
12: North Dakota State, Indiana State/Iowa State, Baylor/Saint Mary's, Boise State 
13: Stephen F Austin, Akron, Midd…

NFL Picks Week 20

Game 1: San Francisco @ Atlanta +4
I'm short on time here so I will be brief. San Francisco is really, really good. Kaepernick is once of the best young QB's to come around in a while. I think they'll win this game, they're better in all aspects of the ball. Atlanta looked awful against Seattle last week, especially their secondary. However, I can't pick against Atlanta because I've never seen a one seed get this much disrespect. It's ridiculous. Both teams have very good offenses, the over is the play here.
San Francisco -4 (0 units) +-$0
Over 48 (1 unit) +$100

Game 2: Baltimore @ New England -7.5
The Ravens have the "team of destiny" label on them as they're on Ray Lewis' retirement tour. They are quite a solid team, and don't be surprised to see me taking the over on their overall wins in my futures next year (a long with a big wager on under for the Eagles). New England has the experience of winning this game. I considered placing a …

Bracketology 1/18/13

1: Duke, Louisville, Michigan, Kansas, 
2: Indiana,Arizona, FloridaGonzaga,
3: Syracuse, New Mexico, Ohio State, UNLV
4: Butler, North Carolina State, Creighton, Minnesota, 
5: VCU, Kansas State, Cincinnati, Michigan State 
6: Georgetown, Oregon, San Diego State, UCLA
7: Missouri, Illinois, Notre Dame, Miami (FL)
8: Wisconsin, Memphis, Oklahoma State, North Carolina, 
9: Marquette, Temple, Wichita State, Colorado State
10: Pittsburgh,Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi
11:Kentucky, Wyoming, Boise State, Belmont
12: North Dakota State, Maryland/Iowa State, Iowa/Saint Louis, Baylor, 
13: Akron, Middle Tennessee, Valparaiso, Bucknell
14: Stephen F Austin, Iona, Davidson, Northeastern
15: Stony Brook, Harvard, Louisiana Tech, Weber State, 
16: (Florida Gulf Coast/Southern) (North Carolina Central/Charleston Southern)Cal State Fullerton, Bryant

Last Four In:
Iowa State Saint Louis
Iowa Maryland

First Four Out: Indiana State
Murray State Washington Rutgers

Next Four Out: Arizona State
Texas A&M
Charlotte BYU


College Basketball Picks: Jan 16-31

College Basketball Picks 2013: +$1020 (10.2 units)
College Basketball Picks Jan 16-30: +$615 (+6.15 units) 1/31
Arizona State @ Washington State -3.5
The Sun Devils are an aspiring tourney team. The Cougars are not. I don't get this line.
Arizona State +3.5 (1 unit) +$100
Oklahoma @ Baylor -7
I don't get this line. Oklahoma is slightly better than Baylor, so why is Baylor 3 points better?
Oklahoma +7 (1 unit) +$100
Missouri @ LSU +4.5
I don't care if Bowers might not play. As previously established, LSU sucks.
Missouri -4.5 (1 unit) -$110
Oregon @ Stanford -2
This is another one that is too good to be too good to be true. Oregon is more than 2 points better than Stanford, surely.
Oregon +2 (1.5 units) -$165
North Carolina State @ Virginia -5
Yes, NC State is the obvious pick, but this is just too good to be too good to be true.
North Carolina State +5 (1.5 units) +$150
North Carolina @ Boston College +4
Boston College sucks. Really really bad. North Carolina is more th…

Bracketology 1/16/13

1: Duke, Louisville, Kansas, Michigan
2: North Carolina State, FloridaArizona, Gonzaga,
3: Indiana,Syracuse, Minnesota, Ohio State
4: VCU,  Butler, New Mexico, Creighton
5: Georgetown, UNLV, Kansas State, Cincinnati, 
6: UCLA, Michigan State, Illinois, San Diego State 
7: Oregon, Miami (FL), Missouri, Notre Dame
8: Memphis, Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Colorado
9: Marquette, Temple, Wisconsin, Wyoming
10: Pittsburgh,Mississippi, Boise State, Wichita State, 
11: Kentucky, Colorado State, Oklahoma, Belmont
12: North Dakota State, BYU/Iowa State, Iowa/Texas A&M, Baylor, 
13: Akron, Middle Tennessee, Valparaiso, Bucknell
14: Stephen F Austin, Iona, Davidson, Northeastern
15: Stony Brook, Harvard, Louisiana Tech, Weber State, 
16: (Florida Gulf Coast/Southern) (North Carolina Central/UNC-Asheville)Cal State Fullerton, Bryant

Last Four In:
Iowa State Texas A&M

First Four Out: Saint Louis
Indiana State
Murray State

Next Four Out: Rutgers
Arizona State
Charlotte Washington

Bids by Conferenc…

Bracketology 1/14/13

Practically the same as yesterday's. Obviously some changes (Michigan/OSU, among others).

1: Duke, Louisville, Kansas, Michigan
2: FloridaArizona, Gonzaga, Indiana
3: North Carolina State, Syracuse, Minnesota, Ohio State
4: VCU, Butler, New Mexico, Creighton
5: Georgetown, Cincinnati, UNLV, Notre Dame
6: Michigan State, Illinois, San Diego State, Kansas State
7: UCLA, Oregon, Miami (FL), Missouri
8: Memphis, Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Colorado
9: Marquette, Temple, Wisconsin, Wyoming
10: Pittsburgh,Mississippi, Boise State, Wichita State, 
11: Colorado State, Oklahoma, Baylor, Kentucky
12: North Dakota State, BYU/Iowa State, Iowa/Texas A&M, Belmont
13: Akron, Middle Tennessee, Valparaiso, Bucknell
14: Stephen F Austin, Iona, Davidson, Northeastern
15: Stony Brook, Harvard, Louisiana Tech, Weber State, 
16: (Florida Gulf Coast/Southern) (North Carolina Central/UNC-Asheville)Cal State Fullerton, Bryant

Last Four In:
Iowa State Texas A&M

First Four Out: Saint Louis

Bracketology 1/13/13

Few things that I want to mention:
1) I knew I was right about having Missouri so low. They really laid an egg today against Ole Miss. It wasn't competitive.
2) So many bubble teams squandered opportunities today. Saint Louis and Indiana State come to mind.
3) Well, Illinois State fell out of the bubble conversation pretty fast. They're now 0-5 in MVC play.
4) Texas A&M was the real bubble winner. They got a huge road win in Lexington and jumped from my 10th team out to my 2nd team out thanks to favorable results elsewhere. With the way bubble teams are playing, I would not be surprised to see them inn the bracket soon without playing another game.
5) I decided to drop Duke to my 2nd overall seed, but strongly considered keeping them ahead of Michigan. We'll see what happens in Columbus tomorrow.

1: Michigan, Duke, Louisville, Kansas
2: FloridaArizona, Gonzaga, Indiana
3: North Carolina State, Syracuse, Minnesota, Creighton
4: Ohio State, VCU, Butler, New Mexico
5: Georgetown,…

NFL Picks Week 19

Picks will go up later today (at least the Saturday games).
Game 1: Baltimore @ Denver -9
The Ravens are, in my opinion, the worst team remaining in the playoffs. However, they are still a very good football team and have lots of momentum behind them. Ray Rice can get the job done against the Broncos, and they certainly have a shot at winning this game. Denver is under a ton of pressure to succeed, a situation that the Broncos have not faced in the past few years. They were the underdog story last year, and I'm not sure they'll handle the shift in dynamic well. I'm going to place a unit on the visitor.
Baltimore +9 (1 unit) +$100
Game 2: Green Bay @ San Francisco -3
In my opinion, this is the best game of the weekend. I believe that whoever wins this game will be going to the Super Bowl, and will have a very good chance of winning the Super Bowl. The Packers have experience here, but will be playing in a very hostile road environment. However, it is not to be overlooked tha…

Bracketology 1/11/13

Here's my bracket through the games of January 10th! No more major re-adjustments, just sliding teams up and down for wins and losses.

1: Duke, Michigan, Louisville, Kansas
2: Arizona, Minnesota, Indiana, Gonzaga
3: Florida, Syracuse, CreightonNew Mexico
4: VCU, Notre Dame, North Carolina State, Butler
5: Ohio State, UNLV, Kansas State, Illinois
6: Colorado,  Missouri, Cincinnati,Georgetown, 
7 : Michigan State, Oregon, Oklahoma State, San Diego State
8: UCLA, Wichita State, Pittsburgh, Miami (FL)
9: North Carolina, Memphis, Kentucky, Temple
10: Marquette, Boise State, Colorado State, Wyoming, 
11: Baylor, Wisconsin, Belmont, Mississippi
12: North Dakota State, Saint Louis/Oklahoma, BYU/Iowa State, Maryland 
13: Akron, Detroit, Middle Tennessee, Bucknell
14: Louisiana Tech, Iona, Davidson, Northeastern
15: Harvard, Stony Brook, Weber State, Cal State Fullerton
16: (Stephen F Austin/Southern) (North Carolina Central/UNC-Asheville) Florida Gulf Coast, Wagner

Last Four In:
Iowa State Saint L…