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Bracketology 3/17/19 Evening (FINAL)

The Selection Show is finally upon us. I went through all the resumes again this morning and this is the final product. There are some adjustments from that- Syracuse and Oklahoma have moved down, while Villanova and Seton Hall have moved up, among other changes. I feel decent about the top of the bracket, and decent about the bottom, but less sure about the middle. This is the least sure I've been about a bubble in a few years- any of my at-larges on the 11 line could easily be out of the field, and any of my first four out could easily be in. My guess is that I will probably get 66/68 selections correct this year- all year, I've been assuming the committee will treat the NET primarily as a sorting metric like they did with the RPI but if this changes there could be some profound differences. Best of luck to all my fellow bracketologists, and a big thanks to the Bracket Matrix for compiling all of our submissions all season.

1: Duke, Virginia, GonzagaNorth Carolina
2: Tenness…

Bracketology 3/17/19 Morning

Happy Selection Sunday everyone! There's no bracket in the morning update as I focus on getting all of my seeding right. There will be a bracket in the evening update, which will go up between the end of the Big Ten tournament at 5:30 and the Selection Show at 6:00. I'm going to spend some time this afternoon combing through the seed list and performing any last-minute adjustments: for now, I have moved St. John's out to make room for Oregon but I may change that later today. Enjoy the last 6 conference tournament games!

1: Duke, Virginia, Gonzaga, North Carolina
2: Kentucky, TennesseeMichigan State, Michigan
3: Houston, LSU, Texas Tech, Florida State
4: Kansas, Purdue, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin
5: Mississippi State,Auburn,Kansas State, Maryland
6: Iowa StateBuffalo, Marquette, Villanova
7: Wofford, Cincinnati, Nevada, Louisville
8: Syracuse, Oklahoma, Iowa, UCF
9: Minnesota, Utah State, Seton Hall, VCU
10: WashingtonBaylor, Mississippi, North Carolina State
11: Florida, (TCU/Te…

Bracketology 3/16/19

Most of the bubble teams are done playing, as Temple, Arizona State and Alabama all lost. Florida is the only bubble team still playing, as they have a chance to really seal up a bid today against Auburn. For now, I feel decent about the cut line- any of the First Four Out have a legitimate chance at the field, but my guess is that most bracketologists will have the same 68 teams in as me today. There's some unconventional resumes this year (Arizona State, NC State, Texas, UNCG) this year that makes it difficult to compare to past years. Today, I will have my eye on the bid thieves- San Diego State, Oregon, Bowling Green and Memphis/Wichita State. My guess is that one more bid gets taken and I'll be moving St. John's out of the field if that happens. A lot of bids will be punched today- enjoy!

1: Virginia, Gonzaga, Duke, North Carolina
2: Kentucky, Michigan StateTennessee, Michigan
3: Houston, LSU, Florida State, Kansas
4: Texas Tech, Purdue, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech
5: Missi…

Bracketology 3/15/19

A massive day on the bubble saw losses by NC State, TCU, St. John's, Indiana, Texas, Creighton and Georgetown while TCU, Ohio State, Florida and Alabama won. I am not that confident about the cutline for right now- I will spend some more time this evening digging into all of the resumes and there may be some shuffling that results. Today, Temple, Arizona State, Ohio State, Florida and Alabama are still playing in their conference tournaments- all of whom would be in the field with a win. Buckle up.

1: Virginia, GonzagaNorth Carolina, Kentucky
2: Duke, Michigan StateTennessee, Michigan
3: LSU, HoustonKansas, Purdue
4: Texas Tech, Florida State, Wisconsin, Kansas State
5: Mississippi State,Virginia Tech, Auburn, Maryland
6: Buffalo, Nevada,WoffordMarquette
7: Villanova, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Louisville
8: VCU, Iowa, UCF, Syracuse
9: Oklahoma, Utah State, Baylor, Minnesota
10: Seton Hall, Washington, Mississippi, North Carolina State
11: Temple, TCU,Arizona State, (Ohio State/Belmont)