Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 NFL Mock Draft

Well, I did one of these last year and it didn't go too bad (I did pretty good in an online contest, something like 50th out of 900). So, here we go! No write-ups, I'm in a little bit of a hurry. (I may post an updated version tomorrow)
1. KC Eric Fisher, OT
2. JAC Dion Jordan, DE
3. DET Luke Joeckel, OT
From OAK
4. PHI Star Loutulelei, DT
5. OAK Sharrif Floyd, DT
From DET
6. CLE Ziggy Ansah, DE
7. ARI Lane Johnson, OT
8. BUF Ryan Nassib, QB
9. NYJ Barkevious Mingo, OLB
10. TEN Dee Miliner, CB
11. SD Jonathan Cooper, G
12. MIA Kenny Vaccaro, SS
13. NYJ DJ Fluker, OT
14. SF Sheldon Richardson, DT
From CAR
15. NO Xavier Rhodes, CB
16. STL Tavon Austin, WR
17. PIT Jarvis Jones, OLB
18. DAL Sylvester Williams, DT
19. NYG Chance Warmack, G
20. CHI Alec Ogletree, OLB
21. CIN Eric Reid, FS
22. STL Eddie Lacy, RB
23. MIN Tank Carradine, DE
24. IND Datone Jones, DE
25. MIN DeAndre Hopkins, WR
26. GB Justin Hunter, WR
27. HOU Menelik Watson, OT
28. DEN Tyler Eifert, TE
29. NE Jamar Taylor, CB
30. JAC Geno Smith, QB
From ATL
31. NYJ Matt Barkley, QB
From SF via CAR
32. BAL Matt Elam, SS

Monday, April 22, 2013

AL Power Rankings: Week 3

Well guys, I'm releasing a new feature, and that's MLB power rankings (I did these last year, but for the whole league). This year, I will be doing just the AL teams. I know a lot more about the AL, as an Orioles guy, and I don't know enough about the NL rosters to feel comfortable evaluating those teams (I've even considered not picking games with NL teams in them, but I've been doing OK at it so far so I won't stop that).

Anyways, here we go!

1. Boston Red Sox 12-6
The Red Sox are red-hot right now. I'm still skeptical about the ability of some of their keys guys to stay off the DL, but with a healthy roster, this is the best team in the American League right now.
2. Oakland A's 12-7
The A's are very capable of riding their meager $60 M payroll to the AL West crown over the big spenders in Los Angeles and the experience in Texas. A.J. Griffin and Bartolo Colon both have 3 QS in 3 outings.
3. Texas Rangers 12-6
Ian Kinsler is red-hot and approaching an offensive WAR of 1. However, the concern remains in the fact that the Rangers have not yet played a team with the winning record (although the Rays will almost surely be better than this).
4. Baltimore Orioles 10-8
Yeah, I'm going to be a bit of a homer here (although the next few teams are pretty interchangeable in my mind). Jones and Davis are red-hot, but the rotation is a concern (especially Arrieta and Tillman).
5. Detroit Tigers 9-9
This roster still has all of the key parts needed for a World Series run. Porcello needs to go from the rotation, but Scherzer and Fister have looked just as good as Verlander so far.
6. New York Yankees 10-7
Somebody woke up Travis Hafner! As currently assembled, these Yankees are very, very sub-par. The big question here is how much of a boost they will receive when A-Rod, Jeter and company return from their various ailments. I don't think it'll be much.
7. Tampa Bay Rays 8-10
The Rays got a crucial sweep in Oakland to lift themselves from the AL East cellar. Matt Moore and Alex Cobb are leading the way in the rotation, and oddly enough Rodney and Price are off to shaky starts.
8. Kansas City Royals 10-7
No standout hitters so far, Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon are doing quite well though. The rotation has delivered an outstanding 10 quality starts in 17 games, and Shields is starting off his Royals career well.
9. Los Angeles Angels 7-10
The rotation has to be considered a concern. Blanton and Vargas have been downright awful, and Wilson and Hanson have been servicable. Even with this line-up, you're not going to get close to 5 runs a game all year.
10. Toronto Blue Jays 8-11
I feel that a lot of people don't understand how much Jose Reyes' injury is going to affect the team. Solid shortstops like him are most definitely not a dime a dozen, though the return of Lawrie helps shore up the Blue Jays' infield and my fantasy team.
11. Chicago White Sox 7-11
I just feel like this is a team destined for 70-75 win mediocrity. If Adam Dunn and Jeff Keppinger keep playing like this, it'll be worse than that (Dunn is hitting .108 and Keppinger has an OPS of .315).
12. Minnesota Twins 8-7
I just can't give the Twins a solid bearing when they've played 5 games less than some teams. Almost half of their regulars have an oWAR below 0 (Dozier, Doumit, Hicks). Then again, those 3 are about replacement level themselves.
13. Cleveland Indians 7-10
If the Indians are not in contention in mid-July, they are certainly creating a trade market for Carlos Santana. Ubaldo Jiminez has really taken a tumble since his time in Denver. Let's just hope Francona can find the stadium for the rest of this year, though he might not want to the way the rotation is shaping up.
14. Seattle Mariners 7-13
Iwakuma and King Felix are looking very good, as is Wilhelmsen. That's about it, as the rest of this team ranges from OK (Morse, Seager) to downright dreadful (back of the rotation, Raul Ibanez's defense)
15. Houston Astros 5-13
Don't be shocked if this is a permanent roost for the AL newcomers. Phillip Humber looks far removed from his perfect game in Chicago last year, and not a single starter has an ERA under 4.5. At least they're creating a trade market for Jose Altuve.

Monday, April 1, 2013

MLB Picks: April

MLB Picks 2013: +$255.50
MLB Picks April 2013: +$255.50

Brewers @ Dodgers
Josh Beckett, and the Dodgers as a whole, looked very mediocre when I saw them play Baltimore. Milwaukee is red hot as well.
Brewers +137 (1 unit) -$100
Angels @ Mariners
The Angels should be bigger favorites than this. Seattle is just not that good.
Angels -136 (1 unit) +$100
Braves @ Tigers
Paul Maholm has seemed very sharp. I'm smelling another Tigers bullpen implosion here.
Braves +128 (1 unit) -$100
Royals @ Tigers
Sorry I'm a little late. Wade Davis isn't that awful, the Royals shouldn't be getting this much juice.
Royals +165 (0.75 units) -$75
Blue Jays @ Orioles
Dickey is overhyped and is in a funk. Gonzo has been pitching quite well so far for the O's.
Orioles +103 (1 unit) +$103
Yankees @ Rays
I hate the Yankees as much as the next guy, but price is not such a shut down guy that he deserves this big a line.
Yankees +160 (1 unit) +$160
Braves @ Rockies
These are the kind of conditions the Rockies will thrive in and the Braves won't: a wind chill in the 20's and light snow.
Rockies +109 (1 unit) +-$0
Oakland @ Boston
A.J. Griffin is off to a very good start of the year and the A's are among the best in the AL.
Oakland +125 (1 unit) -$100
Cardinals @ Phillies
The Phillies remain overrated. Kyle Kendrick has looked quite shaky in his last few outings.
Cardinals +100 (1 unit) -$100
Angles @ Twins
Everyone is panicking on the Angels too early. They're still a quality team.
Angels -124 (1 unit) -$124
Giants @ Brewers
I'm picking the underrated Giants with Zito. The Brewers are just very average.
Giants +103 (1 unit) -$100
No plays I like tonight, so no picks!
Giants @ Cubs
I get it, Posey is out and Lincecum looks awful. But this is still an easy pick for me, the Cubs are bad.
Giants -105 (1 unit) +$100
Rays @ Red Sox
The Rays are still among the American League's best. Bucholz is not a true ace like most people seem to want to think.
Rays +125 (1 unit) -$100
Rangers @ Mariners
This feels like a classic trap game for the Rangers against a solid pitcher in the middle of a series.
Mariners +130 (1 unit) -$100
Orioles @ Yankees
I try to avoid being a homer and picking the O's, but they have a history of beating Sabathia and Miguel Gonzalez looked great in his first start.
Orioles +141 (1 unit) -$100
Blue Jays @ Royals
Everyone is pulling the panic lever on the Blue Jays. I'm not. I just sang the praises of the Royals the other day, but the Blue Jays are still a quality team.
Blue Jays +107 (1 unit) +$107
Giants @ Cubs
Scott Feldman is not nearly good enough to get this kind of a line against the defending World Series champs.
Giants -127 (1 unit) +$100
Rangers @ Mariners
King Felix is a great pitcher, don't get me wrong. But the Mariners should not be -150 against anyone.
Rangers +135 (1 unit) +$135
No plays today! Nothing on the schedule looks appealing to me.
Twins @ Royals
Jeremy Guthrie is really a quality starter. The Royals have been playing well, they could reach .500 this year.
Royals -147 (1 unit) +$100
Astros @ Mariners
Erik Bedard is another ex-Oriole I like tonight.
Astros +142 (1 unit) +$142
Rays @ Rangers
Whoa, whoa. Let's not push the panic button on the Rays. They shouldn't be getting this much money with Hellickson on the mound.
Rays +145 (1 unit) -$100
Red Sox @ Blue Jays
Jon Lester looked quite good in his first start. R.A. Dickey most definitely did not.
Boston +118 (0.75 units) +$88.50
Kansas City @ Philadelphia
Oh please, James Shields is quite good. This is an even pitching matchup between even teams.
Royals +120 (1 unit) +$120
Nationals @ Reds
Opposite pick of yesterday. Cueto is too good to be getting money.
Reds +101 (1 unit) +$101
Nationals @ Reds
Everyone is scared to death of picking the Nats after yesterday's clobbering. I'll use that to my advantage.
Nationals +100 (1 unit) +$100
Marlins @ Mets
Sticking with a good thing here. Nolasco looked very serviceable against Washington.
Marlins +150 (1 unit) -$100
Diamondbacks @ Brewers
Kyle Lohse was really quite a good pitcher in Saint Louis, the Brew Crew are the better team anyways.
Brewers -128 (1 unit) -$128
Marlins @ Mets
The Marlins have not looked completely awful so far. If the Mets can't put away the Padres at home, the Marlins will give them trouble.
Miami +145 (1 unit) +$145
Padres @ Rockies
How on earth are the Rockies so much better than the Padres? I get the game is at Coors, but still.
Padres +140 (1.5 units) -$150
Royals @ White Sox
Jeremy Guthrie is underrated, he will have a breakout year in KC. I've never even heard of Gavin Floyd before.
Royals +112 (1 unit) +$112
Padres @ Mets
The Padres have looked really quite bad so far this year. The Mets at least have shown flashes of OK-ness.
Mets -136 (1 unit) -$136
Cubs @ Pirates
Edwin Jackson has been horribly inconsistent with the Tigers and Nats. The Pirates are underrated, they're significantly better than the Cubs.
Pirates -130 (1 unit) +$100
Mariners @ A's
Joe Saunders definitely has the stuff necessary to plow through Oakland's line-up. Seattle is pretty underrated, and too many people are just afraid to pick them when King Felix isn't on the mound.
Mariners +131 (1 unit) -$100
Indians @ Blue Jays
The Blue Jays have too much hype around them, just like the Marlins last year. R.A. Dickey will regress from his fantastic season.
Indians +155 (1 unit) +$155
Giants @ Dodgers
I don't know why everyone is on the Dodgers bandwagon. The Giants are the defending champions, and they're just as good as LA.
Giants +142 (1 unit) -$100
Phillies @ Braves
The Phillies aren't on par with the Braves this year. Tim Hudson is one of the most underrated pitchers in baseball, Cole Hamels is overrated.
Braves -110 (1 unit) +$100

MLB Season Predictions

Hello guys! Sorry I've been a little absent since Selection Sunday. It's baseball season though, which means I'm back! I know that technically one game of the season has already happened, but I think I can still make predictions at this point. So, just like I did last year, here we go!

AL East:
Rays 97-65
Yankees 93-69
Orioles 88-74
Blue Jays 86-76
Red Sox 75-87

The Rays are the class of the AL East, despite losing James Shields. The probable call-up of Wil Myers in May will only make them better. People are being a little premature about hitting the panic button on the Yankees, they still have a great rotation, a great closer and Robinson Cano. The Orioles will finish a few games worse than they did last year, but their young talent will get invaluable experience. The Red Sox should be about a .500 team, but playing in the toughest division in baseball their record slides a bit under that mark.

AL Central:
Tigers 96-66
Royals 83-79
White Sox 77-85
Indians 73-89
Twins 62-100

The Tigers should win the division by at least 10 games, and should be setting up their postseason pitching rotation by the second week of September. Billy Butler should have a big year for the Royals, and it wouldn't shock me if they are contending for a wild card into the last few weeks of the season. The White Sox will see   a lot of regression from the over worked Chris Sale. The Indians are trying out a new look with Terry Francona as manager, but they're still the Indians. The Twins still have a few more years of rebuilding before returning to contention.

AL West:
Rangers 94-68
Angels 92-70
A's 84-78
Mariners 76-86
Astros 54-108

The Rangers, despite the loss last night, are the most well-rounded team in this division, despite the loss of Josh Hamilton. The Angels are going to face chemistry problems with their new star-studded roster, but should get a wild card anyways. The A's are not going to contend for the division crown like they did last year, but they'll be a solid team. The Mariners will ride off of the arm of Felix Hernandez, and develop a team that will contend in a few years. The Astros may challenge the '03 Tigers and the '62 Mets in the loss column.

NL East:
Nationals 94-68
Braves 93-69
Phillies 85-77
Mets 72-90
Marlins 65-97

The Nats are a popular pick to win the World Series, and for good reason considering how loaded they are at practically every position. The Braves are going to be a wild card team for the second year in a row, hopefully with less infield flies. The Phillies are not the Phillies of old, though they could get a wild card spot. The Mets' chances took a tumble with the loss of Johan Santana for the season and possibly his career. The Marlins' firesale is complete, and I wouldn't be shocked to see Stanton sold at the trade deadline for prospects.

NL Central:
Reds 95-67
Cardinals 87-75
Pirates 81-81
Brewers 74-88
Cubs 61-101

The addition of a true leadoff man in Shin-Soo Choo is huge for the Reds, and Aroldis Chapman is ready to assert himself. Lohse and Carpenter won't be doing much this year for the Cards, knocking them down a little bit. I wouldn't be shocked if Andrew McCutchen and company finally have a winning record this year, and the Pirates may be serious contenders in a few years. The Brewers have Ryan Braun and not much else on their team. It's a similar story for the Cubs, built around star shortstop Starlin Castro.

NL West:
Giants 92-70
Dodgers 87-75
Diamondbacks 79-83
Rockies 74-88
Padres 65-97

The defending champs have the tools necessary to win the NL West again and make a deep run in the playoffs. The Dodgers have more than doubled their payroll to 2nd in the majors behind only the Yankees, but I think they'll also run into chemistry issues. Paul Goldschmidt anchors the D-Backs' lineup, and Brandon McCarthy coming in from Oakland will help as well. The Rockies are going to do better than most expect with Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzales healthy. The Padres will fight with the Cubs and Marlins as the worst teams in the NL.

ALWC Angels defeat Yankees
NLWC Braves defeat Dodgers
ALDS Rays defeat Angels
ALDS Rangers defeat Tigers
NLDS Nationals defeat Braves
NLDS Giants defeat Reds
ALCS Rays defeat Rangers
NLCS Nationals defeat Giants
World Series Rays defeat Nationals