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Bracketology 2/28/13

1) Well, I may have said yesterday that if it was up to me, Michigan would not be sniffing the 1-line. Well, Penn State happened. 
2) Lots of teams holding serve last night, with a notable exception being Oklahoma getting Kabongo'd.

1: Indiana, Duke, Miami (FL), Gonzaga
2: Michigan State, Georgetown, Louisville, Kansas, 
3: New Mexico, Florida, Michigan, Arizona
4: Syracuse, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Marquette
5: Ohio State, Minnesota, Butler, Oklahoma State 
6: Illinois, Colorado State, Pittsburgh, UNLV
7: Notre Dame,  North Carolina State,VCU, Oregon
8: Oklahoma, Missouri, Cincinnati,Saint Louis
9: Colorado, UCLA, San Diego State,North Carolina
10: La Salle,Iowa State, California,Memphis
11: Wichita State, Middle Tennessee, Temple, Boise State
12: Belmont, (Kentucky/Baylor), (Saint Mary's/Mississippi), Creighton
13: Louisiana Tech, Akron, Bucknell, Stephen F Austin
14: Davidson, Harvard, Valparaiso, South Dakota State
15: Mercer, Montana, Stony Brook, Long Beach State
16: (Niagara/…

Bracketology 2/27/13

News and Notes:
1) Instead of the whole bold italic underline thing from the last bracket, I'm going with the following system:
Locks are green
Should be in's are yellow
Right on the bubble teams are orange
Fringe bubble teams are red
Auto-bids or bust are in black
2) Tennessee appears! I'm not putting them in my First Four Out, but they've jumped out of the fringes of the bubble conversation.
3) I may make some re-evaluation updates to the bracket tomorrow. We'll see.
4) Remember the seed list snakes, so Indiana is the top 1, Michigan the top 2, New Mexico the top 3, Marquette the top 4, etc.
1: Indiana, Duke, Miami (FL), Gonzaga
2: Georgetown, Louisville, Kansas, Michigan
3: New Mexico, Michigan State, Florida, Arizona
4: Syracuse, Wisconsin,Kansas State, Marquette
5: Ohio State,Minnesota, Butler, Oklahoma State 
6: Illinois, Colorado State, Pittsburgh, UNLV
7: Notre Dame, Oklahoma, North Carolina State,VCU
8: Missouri, Cincinnati,Saint Louis, Oregon
9: Colorado, San Diego State, …

Bracketology 2/25/13

1) Ouch! You want to talk about playing yourself out of the field? Lose at home by 20 to a fellow bubbler and fall to .500 in a conference where a .500 team is likely not getting in. That'll sting for Charlotte. But Temple moves into the Last Four Byes, and is strengthening their position. Charlotte is out of my "really on the bubble" list.
2) Saint John's has something to say in the home blowout loss department, getting killed by Pitt. They were the last team in, and Mississippi takes their place.
3) I heard commentators during games yesterday say that Cincinnati and Illinois were both right on the bubble. Say what?
4) New feature: teams who are locks are in normal font, teams who are in the "should be in" are in italics, teams "really on the bubble" are in bold and "bubble fringe" teams are underlined. (Small conference auto-bids are also in normal).
5) Remember, the seed list snakes, so Indiana is the top #1 seed, Michigan the…

College Basketball Picks: Final 3 Weeks

My college basketball picks are back! I've had a lot if internet issues lately, including staying at a hotel for 2 weeks where the internet did not work in my room. I've been able to update my bracketology, but sites to get the lines on have been blocked by the business center internet. Anyways, I'm back home, so my picks should be back on track!
College Basketball Picks 2012-13: +$665 (6.65 units)
College Basketball Picks Final 3 weeks: -$65 (-0.65 units)
Villanova @ Seton Hall +4.5
Easy pick here for me. Seton Hall is awful, 'Nova has shown signs of life.
Villanova -4.5 (1.5 units) -$165
Northwestern @ Purdue -6
Northwestern is not on the same level as Purdue, who has taken down some of the Big 10's better teams this year. There's more than a 2-point gap between these teams.
Purdue -6 (1 unit) +$100

Bracketology 2/24/13

1) This update includes games through 2/23. Even though Saint John's just got pasted by Pittsburgh and will be out of the bracket, that and other Sunday games are not reflected in this bracket.
2) For the first time in a while, more teams played their way into the bracket than played there way out of the bracket. Villanova, Temple, Saint Mary's and Kentucky played their way in, while only Mississippi and Arizona State played their way out (Baylor kind of just slid out).
3) Creighton is in increasingly hot water after a BracketBusters loss. 
4) Belmont and Louisiana Tech's positions on the "First 4 out" and "Next 4 out" lists are indicative of where they would be without the auto-bid.
5) I'd draw the "bubble line" I spoke of last update in between La Salle and Middle Tennessee on the top end, and between Arizona State and UMass on the low end. This puts 16 teams on the bubble.
6) Remember the seed list snakes! This means Indiana is th…

Bracketology 2/20/13

Some news and notes: 
1) Michigan State was going to be my 4th 1 seed had they beaten the Hoosiers last night. Alas, my Spartans lost and they take a tumble down the 2 line.
2) In my mind, there are 14 teams squarely on the bubble. These are my last 7 in and my first 7 out (Mississippi to Massachusetts). 
3) A lot of bubble action tonight can change that. Ole Miss, Saint John's, Boise State, Southern Miss and Baylor all have big games tonight.
4) I may do some bubble watches in the upcoming weeks. We'll see.
5) Remember the seed list snakes, so Indiana is the top 1 seed, Michigan the top 2, Syracuse the top 3, K-State the top 4, etc.

1: Indiana,Miami (FL), Florida, Duke
2: Michigan State,Kansas, Gonzaga, Michigan
3: Syracuse,New Mexico, Louisville, Arizona
4: Oklahoma State, Georgetown, Wisconsin,Kansas State
5: Colorado State, Marquette, Butler, Minnesota
6: Ohio State, Illinois, Cincinnati,North Carolina State
7: Pittsburgh, Oregon, UNLV, Notre Dame
8: Colorado, VCU, Oklahoma, Missouri

Bracketology 2/17/13

Some news and notes (encompasses this bracket and the last):
1) Before my Saturday bracket, I did another re-evaluation of the teams, and moved some teams drastically up or down (Cal, Virginia, Illinois etc.)
2) The Last Four Byes group is really intriguing. Creighton and Mississippi are both falling like a stone, especially the Bluejays. Meanwhile, Cal and Maryland are shooting up through the bubble.
3) Kentucky took a very steep tumble. If they play like this without Nerlens Noel, they're NIT-bound.
4) Illinois' progression this year really is quite astounding. From protected seed to bubble to middle of the bracket. We'll see where they are come Selection Sunday. 
5)  The top 2 lines remain very fluid. I'm pretty confident that the top 9 teams on the S-curve are the top 9 teams, but the order is a complete mess. I think the 1-seed debate will be especially heated this year.
6) Interesting tidbit: 6 out of the first 8 teams out of the field are from non-power conferences.

Bracketology 2/16/13

1: Duke,Miami (FL), Indiana,Florida
2: Gonzaga, KansasMichigan State, Michigan
3: Syracuse,New Mexico, Louisville, Arizona
4: Wisconsin,Minnesota, Kansas State, Georgetown,
5:Ohio State, Colorado State, Butler, Oklahoma State
6: Colorado, North Carolina State,Pittsburgh, Marquette
7: Oklahoma, VCU, Illinois,  Cincinnati
8: UNLV, Notre Dame, San Diego State, Oregon
9:Missouri,Memphis, UCLA, La Salle
10: Mississippi,Creighton, Iowa State,Wichita State
11: North Carolina,Kentucky,Saint Louis, Baylor
12: Belmont, (Boise State/Virginia), (Massachusetts/Southern Miss), Middle Tennessee, 
13: Louisiana Tech, Bucknell, Stephen F Austin, Akron
14: Davidson, Harvard, Western Illinois, Valparaiso