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MLB Picks: June

I've decided to bring back my MLB picks. So here we go!

MLB 2013: -$23.50 (.235 units)

Cubs @ Mariners
Jeremy Bonderman has looked pretty good this year, and the Marlins are, in my mind, better than their record while the Cubs are significantly worse than theirs. Edwin Jackson, meanwhile, has been a disaster all year.
Mariners -110 (1 unit) -$110
Padres @ Marlins
Jacob Turner is probably not going to keep this level of production up for that much longer, while Stults has been more consistent. Adding in the fact the Padres are a .500 team and the Marlins are awful makes this a solid play.
Padres -104 (1 unit) -$104

Indians @ White Sox
Carrasco is not going to be this bad the whole year, Quintana is solid but nothing special. I'm going with the better team as a sizable road dog.
Indians +110 (1 unit) +$110

Pick Tracker Update: June 28

Well, it's been almost exactly 6 months since I updated the Pick Tracker, so I figure an update is in order.

All Picks: +$5,948.5 (59.485 units)
Total Bankroll: $15,948.50 (159.485 units)

College Basketball:
January 1-15: +$385 (3.85 units)
January 16-30: +$615 (6.15 units)
February 1-14: -$295 (-2.95 units)
Final Three Weeks: -$65 (-0.65 units)

College Basketball 2013: +$640 (6.6 units)

March 2013: -$9 (-0.09 units)

NFL Picks Week 7 2012: +$1,105 (11.05 units)NFL Picks Week 8 2012: -$1,150 (-11.5 units)
NFL Picks Week 9 2012: +$1,162 (11.62 units) 
NFL Picks Week 10 2012: +$580 (5.8 units)
NFL Picks Week 11 2012: +$8 (0.08 units)
NFL Picks Week 12 2012: +$129 (1.29 units)
NFL Picks Week 13 2012: -$64 (-0.64 units)
NFL Picks Week 14 2012: +$330 (3.3 units)
NFL Picks Week 15 2012: +$220 (2.2 units)
NFL Picks Week 16 2012: +$2,267 (22.67 units)
NFL Picks Week 18 2012: -$340 (3.4 units)
NFL Picks Week 19 2012: +$445 (4.45 units)
NFL Picks Week 20 2012: +$100 (1 unit)

NFL 2012: +$4,792 (+47.92 u…

What's going on here this summer

Well guys, I've been pretty absent since bracketology season came to a close in March. But my college football preview magazine has arrived, which means I got access to the wealth of stats necessary to make my ratings. So, I am now going through the process of deciding the winner of each game based off of my ratings. This isn't a terribly difficult process, all I have left is the C-USA and Sun Belt teams. So, here's a list of college football related things to expect this summer:

1) Every team's power rating
2) One blog article for each conference giving my prediction for every game, and every team using my power ratings' season simulation
3) Bowl predictions based off of my power ratings' season simulation
4) Predicted college football playoff based off of my season simulation

I may also decide to do some NFL or MLB things on here this summer as well. And of course, my NFL picks will return for week 1. I may also do weekly college football picks as well, we…