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Bracketology 1/1/13

Well, it's time for my first bracketology of the 2013 season! I know this is getting published on New Year's Eve, but it's dated 1/1 because it includes the games of 12/31. For the next few weeks, I'll publish a bracket every Monday, and sometime in late January I'll begin making a bracket on Fridays as well. The schedule will accelerate from there. The seed list snakes, meaning you can read a column down for a region. Teams in bold have auto-bids. The pairings follow the seed list.

1: Duke, Michigan, Arizona, Louisville
2: Florida, Indiana, GonzagaKansas
3: Illinois, Syracuse, Minnesota, Creighton
4: UNLV, Georgetown, North Carolina State, Butler,
5: Cincinnati, New Mexico, Ohio State, VCU,
6: Colorado, Notre Dame, Missouri, Kansas State,
7 :North Carolina, Oklahoma State, San Diego State, Michigan State
8: Kentucky, Wichita State, Temple, Wyoming,
9: Maryland, Miami (FL), Pittsburgh, Oregon
10: Colorado State, Memphis, UCLA, Wisconsin
11: Belmont, Boise State, …

Pick Tracker Update: December 27 and News+Notes

Hey guys! First of all, I'm going to address a few things about the blog:
1) I will not be doing NFL Picks this week. Week 17 has historically been an awful week for me, and the psychology of fighting for a playoff berth and resting your starters does not sit well with me. I will be making picks during the playoffs. Because this is the first year I've been doing picks in the playoffs, I'll likely tone down the units.
2) My first bracketology will go up sometime in the next week, probably New Year's Day. I'm already putting my ducks in a row with regards to making the first bracket of the year.
3) My NBA picks may or may not be making a return. I'm leaning towards bringing them back, but we'll see.

All Picks:
+$5057 (50.57 units)

NFL Picks Week 7 2012: +$1105 (+11.05 units)
NFL Picks Week 8 2012: -$1150 (-11.5 units)
NFL Picks Week 9 2012: +$1162 (+11.62 units) 
NFL Picks Week 10 2012: +$580 (+5.8 units)
NFL Picks Week 11 2012: +$8 (+0.08 units)
NFL Picks Week 12 2…

NFL Picks Week 16

Game 1: Atlanta @ Detroit +3.5
Saturday Night Football? Does this mean I have to clear my schedule Saturday night and Sunday night? The Falcons are coming off a home dismantling of the Giants that few people saw coming. The Lions have had close games with good teams lately (Houston and Green Bay come to mind). I'm putting 0 units on the home dog, but I'll place some units if the spread climbs.
Detroit +3.5 (0 units) -$0
Game 2: Tennessee @ Green Bay -10.5
I feel that, more than any other NFL team, the Titans have no identity. They have CJ2K, but even the Dolphins and the Bills have the perennial loser tag attached to them. As for the actual team, Tennessee is in a rut. The Packers are absolutely on fire, and this game could be crucial for playoff seeding purposes. I'll go Green Bay.
Green Bay -10.5 (1 unit) +$100
Game 3: Oakland @ Carolina -9
The Raiders won by 15 last week, and their defense did not allow Kansas City to get a first down for quite some time. However, their r…

NFL Picks Week 15

Game 1: Cincinnati @ Philadelphia +2.5
Sorry about my lack of write-ups last week. I still did pretty good, and my phone is working again! So I can actually post this week. The Bengals are certainly very interesting, and still tied for the last playoff spot despite the shocking loss to Dallas at the last second. Nick Foles may be coming around, but Cincy needs this game.
Cincinnati -2.5 (1 unit) +$100
Game 2: Green Bay @ Chicago +2.5
I have no idea why the Packers aren't being discussed as co-favorites for the NFC. I'd say Green Bay and the Giants have the best shot at winning the conference. The Packers may have finally found a good running back in Alex Green. The Bears are possibly sliding out of the playoffs. I have no read here, so I'll go with the home dog.
Chicago +2.5 (0 units) -$0
Game 3: New York Giants @ Atlanta -1.5
I feel there's a lot of even matchups this week. Good teams are playing other good teams and bad teams are playing other bad teams. Should make 1…

NFL Picks Week 14

I couldn't write-up my picks this week cause my phone broke. Hopefully it'll be repaired soon, but here are my picks:
Washington -1.5 (2 units) +$200
Indianapolis -3.5 (3 units) +$300
Jacksonville +3 (3 units) -$330
Atlanta -3.5 (1 unit) -$110
Saint Louis +3 (3 units) +$300
Cincinnati -3 (2 units) -$220
Miami +10.5 (1 units) -$110
New York Giants -4.5 (2 units) +$200
New England -3.5 (1 unit) +$100

Total NFL Week 14: +$330
Total NFL 2012: +$2100

NFL Picks Week 13

I was done with the first 3 games, tried to upload it and my Blogger app swallowed it into nothingness. Interesting.
Game 1: New Orleans @ Atlanta -3.5
Finally, an interesting Thursday nighter. No more Dolphins/Bills, Vikings/Buccaneers etc. The Saints are on fire, really playing well since their pitiful 0-4 start. The Falcons have a history of squeaking by at home this year against bad teams like Arizona. I like the Saints for 1.5, keeping it low because I can't get a read on Thursday games.
New Orleans +3.5 (1.5 units) -$165
Under 56 (0 units) +$0
Game 2: Seattle @ Chicago -3
Huh? How are the Bears not at least 6 to 7 point favorites? Seattle is not a good team on the road, and an elite team at home. The Bears are one of the best teams in the NFC. I think that Russell Wilson is going to start to falter on the home stretch, so I'm going with the Bears for 2.2 units because I think they're significantly better than Seattle.
Chicago -3 (2.2 units) -$242
Over 37 (0 units) +$0

NBA Picks Early December

NBA Picks 2012: +$5

Philadelphia @ Chicago -6.5
I like the 76ers here, I don't think Chicago is that good and Philly is 10-6.
Philadelphia +6.5 (0.5 units) +$50

Oklahoma City @ New Orleans +8.5
The Hornets are injury-riddled, I like the Thunder here.
Oklahoma City -8.5 (0.8 units) +$80

Memphis @ San Antonio -6.5
I think that the Grizzlies are quite underrated, and I'm not sure San Antonio will be ready for this game after the recent drama surrounding the mass benchings.
Memphis +6.5 (0.8 units) +$80