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Back from the dead! My Power Ratings through week 2

Hi guys! I'm back from a hibernation over the last few weeks, I've tried starting to write a bunch of posts but it just didn't sound right. Today I'll be talking about my college football power ratings, and how I update them throughout the season.

      First off, I'm going to talk briefly about how I turn preseason power ratings into ones I update during the season. You may recall my preseason ratings that I posted here in late June. My spreadsheet that I update throughout the season can be found here. My first step in translating those ratings into ones I update during the season is to cube their original rating and then divide it by ten thousand (which I did in column M of my sheet). This may seem a little strange, but it separates out the teams more. Now, I get into how to determine how games make a team's rating change.  Heading into each game, both teams put one fourth of their rating into a "pot". The important part is determining what percenta…