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Premier League Picks: Week 3

Premier League Picks 2013-14: +$73 Premier League Picks Week 3: -$75
Fulham @ Newcastle

Newcastle has looked pretty bad this year, and they're yet to score a goal. Fulham hasn't looked impressive either, but they've looked better and are underdogs.
Fulham +0.25 (2.15) (2 units) -$200
Everton @ Cardiff
This is just an overreaction to Cardiff's fluke win over Man City last Sunday. If they have Baines and Fellaini, Everton is still one of the top teams in the league, and should be a bigger favorite.
Everton -0.25 (2.0) (1.5 units) -$75
Swansea @ West Brom
Swansea may have 0 points, but they've played Man United and Spurs. The Spurs game could've easily been a draw if not for a bad penalty decision, they can beat a West Brom side that looked bad against Everton and worse against Southampton.
Swansea -0 (2.0) (2 units) +$200

Biggest College Football Games of Week 1

This is going to be a weekly feature here this season, giving you a preview of the 5 biggest games of the week. The biggest games of the week are decided by the games with the biggest pot in my power ratings. All rankings are my power rating's. Here we go! (The pot for each game is in parentheses)

#1 Alabama vs. #28 Virginia Tech (51.27)
Alabama should win this one easily, although the Beamer Boys could put up a bit of a fight. Safe to say Virginia Tech will make a big jump in the polls if they win this game, and they'll move up in my power ratings too if they keep this game close.

#4 Georgia @ #22 Clemson (48.61) This is the game most people are watching this week, but my ratings aren't high on Clemson so it's 2nd on the list. Ultimately, Georgia probably pulls through in a tight game.

#19 LSU @ #13 TCU (45.95) Most people have LSU as the favorite here, but I've got TCU. The Horned Frogs have a lot of returning players and should get 9 or 10 wins this year, while L…

Premier League Picks: Week 2

Well, my Premier League picks are back for another week! Hopefully it'll be another week in the green.

Premier League Picks 2013-14: +$148
Premier League Picks Week 2: -$29

Crystal Palace @ Stoke City

I'm picking Stoke, and picking against Palace again. Stoke is significantly better than Palace and the handicap should be at -3/4 or even -1. I'm gonna put two units down here.

Stoke City -0.5 (1.83) (2 units) +$166

Norwich City @ Hull City

You guys already know how I feel about Norwich, and Hull looked pretty bad last week against Chelsea. I understand that many people are down on Norwich, but they should not be underdogs here.

Nowich City +0.25 (1.9) (2.5 units) -$250

Livepool @ Aston Villa

Everyone is jumping aboard the Villa train right now but I don't buy it. Sure, Benteke has looked good but it's highly unlikely that Villa keeps this form up all year. I think that Liverpool should win by a goal.

Liverpool -0.75 (2.1) (1 unit) +$55

Premier League Picks: Preseason and Week 1

Every week, I'll be giving my Premier League picks of the week. I'll play a wide variety of bets, but I'll normally stick with the more standard ones. First, I'll do some preseason bets and then I'll give my picks for the upcoming weekend of games.

Premier League Picks 2013-14: +$177
Premier League Picks Week 1: +$177


Chelsea to win the title (3.25) (2 units)

I've Predicted the blues will win the title will win the title and I'm sticking by it here. They have all the pieces they need to edge out the two Manchester clubs.

Sunderland to be relegated (6) (1.5 units)

I'm predicting Sunderland is going to be one of the three teams to go down, so this is a logical choice. They just don't have much Premier League experience.

Fulham to be relegated (7.5) (1 unit)

I also think Fulham is going to have a worse year than many expect and they could take the drop as well as the Black Cats.

Robin van Persie to be the top scorer (4.5) (0.5 units)

I'm w…

2013-14 Premier League season preview

Well, the next season of the Premier League is just around the corner! In this article I'll be giving my table prediction for the upcoming season, along with assorted commentary. For the table predictions, I'll give detailed commentary for the top half of the table and more sparse commentary for the bottom half.

The Table:

1. Chelsea

Chelsea is the favorite to win this year in my opinion. Although all of the three predicted front runners have new managers, I feel as if Chelsea has the best one as Mourinho has experience at Stamford Bridge. I believe that one of the keys to Chelsea winning the title will be a great season from Romelu Lukaku. He showed what he is capable of last season while on loan to West Brom, and I think that if he plays better than that for a whole season, which is very possible, Chelsea has a great attacking threat. Combine that with Juan Mata and Eden Hazard, and I think Chelsea will win the league.

2. Manchester City

Pelligrini was a great hire, and I be…

2013 College Football Preseason Bowl Projections

Well, as I promised in my last post, here are my bowl projections for the upcoming season. One thing to keep in mind if you don't like the walls of text my recent posts have been is that while the posts I make over the summer is mainly data, there's gonna be more text in my fall posts.

For numerous bowl games, I had to choose a team that does not have a tie-in to the bowl, as many conferences (such as the SEC and the Big 10) couldn't fill their tie-in requirements. Strangely enough, I had just the exact right number of bowl-eligible teams to fill up all the bowl slots.

National Championship                     #1 Alabama vs. #2 Texas
Rose                                                #3 Ohio State vs. #10 Oregon State
Fiesta                                               #6 Oklahoma State vs. #12 Northern Illinois
Sugar                                               #7 Georgia vs. #4 Cincinnati
Orange                                            #5 Miami (FL) vs. #9 Nebraska