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Bracketology 1/1/15

It's New Year's, which means it's time for bracketology to come back! This is updated through the games of December 31st. Some reminders:

1) Teams in bold are projected conference champions with auto-bids.

2) The seed list snakes, so the odd numbered lines are read left to right and the even lines are read right to left. This way you can read down for a region.

1: Kentucky, Duke, Virginia, Wisconsin
2: Arizona, Vilanova, Gonzaga, Kansas
3: Utah, VCU, Louisville, Wichita State 
4: Iowa State, West Virginia, Northern Iowa, Maryland
5: St. John's, Old Dominion, Seton Hall, Washington
6: LSU, North Carolina, San Diego State, Texas
7: Colorado State, Baylor, Dayton, Arkansas
8: George Washington, BYU, Georgia, Oklahoma
9: Notre Dame, Providence, Georgetown, Butler
10: Stanford, Xavier, Temple, Cincinnati
11: Iowa, UNLV, Ohio State, Georgia Tech
12: Harvard, Green Bay, (Indiana/TCU), (Penn State/SMU)
13: Stephen F. Austin, Buffalo, Georgia State, Iona
14: Eastern Washington,…