MLB season predictions

Hi again! I've taken a little hiatus but I'm back. I hope it's not too late for some MLB predictions but here we go...
AL East
1 Yankees 97-65
2 Rays 94-68
3 Blue Jays 89-73
4 Red Sox 82-80
5 Orioles 64-98
Shields, Moore and Price anchor a solid Rays lineup that will keep the AL East race interesting into the last week of the season. Cano will have a monster year, and the Yankees will take the division by a few games. Romero and Joey Bats will lead the Jays in a climb up the standings that will continue for a few years. The Red Sox will have bullpen issues and not gel very well under Bobby Valentine. Finally, Mark Reynolds will have a nice year for the O's but it won't be enough to compete in the toughest division in baseball.
AL Central
1 Tigers 99-63
2 Royals 80-82
3 Twins 75-87
4 Indians 74-88
5 White Sox 70-92
The Tigers will run away with this division as expected. Brennan Boesch will breakout, and the 3-4 combo of Cabrera and Fielder will be deadly. And I haven't even gotten to Justin Verlander and Doug Fister yet (not to mention Scherzer). Eric Hosmer and the Royals will be very good in a few years, but they're still developing. The Twins and the White Sox are going through rare rebuilding right now, which should keep them out of contention. As for the Indians, let's just hope they don't get in any more brawls.
AL West
1 Rangers 98-64
2 Angels 97-65
3 Mariners 69-93
4 Athletics 63-99
The Rangers and the Angels are the two teams to watch out for here (obviously). It's really a tossup between the 2, but I'm going with the Rangers because the Angels may take a while to develop good chemistry. Both of these teams have a very good shot at winning the world series. In the bottom half of this division, the Mariners have Ichiro, Felix Hernandez, and not much else. But that's more than the A's, who have Yoenis Cespedes and a bunch of prospects.
NL East
1 Phillies 95-67
2 Nationals 90-72
3 Braves 86-76
4 Marlins 81-81
5 Mets 72-90
The Phillies should win the NL East rather easily. The Nationals will provide a tough test with the Zimmermans and Strasburg, but regardless of infield injuries, Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay are superb. The Braves really tired out their relievers (especially Craig Kimbrel) last year, and it showed during their September collapse. I'm not very high on the Marlins, there's too much drama to field a championship-caliber team there (just ask Rex Ryan). The Mets are really not as bad as people think, but this division is rather stacked.
NL Central
1 Reds 91-71
2 Cardinals 87-75
3 Brewers 79-83
4 Pirates 73-89
5 Cubs 67-95
6 Astros 60-102
Votto and Cueto should lead the Reds to the NL Central title. In addition, I believe that Aroldis Chapman is extrodinarily underrated (picked him up in the second to last round of my fantasy draft). The Cardinals simply aren't the same sans La Russa and Pujols. I have the Brewers lower than almost everybody else out there, mainly due to Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. Braun will not be nearly as effective off steroids, and will be booed everywhere. Fielder is obviously not with the team anymore, so they could lose the production of two superstars. The Pirates are in for their 20th losing season in a row, but they have a rather good farm system that will bear fruit soon. The Cubs are projected to be a few games worse than their crosstown rivals, much to their dissapointment. The Astros will be happy to open a new chapter in the AL West next season, as I project them as the only team with 100+ losses.
NL West
1 Diamondbacks 89-73
2 Dodgers 86-76
3 Giants 84-78
4 Rockies 75-87
5 Padres 64-98
The Diamondbacks should ride Justin Upton to another division title in a down NL West. The Dodgers are higher here than in most places due to their dearth of talent, especially Kershaw and Kemp. Lincecum and Cain are great, but the Giants have shockingly little offense considering their payroll. I think Tulowitzki is in for a down year, but the only thing keeping Colorado from last place is the league's lowest payroll and lack of talent in San Diego.
ALWC Rays defeat Angels
NLWC Nationals defeat Cardinals
ALDS Rays defeat Tigers
Rangers defeat Yankees
NLDS Nationals defeat Phillies
Reds defeat Diamondbacks
ALCS Rangers defeat Rays
NLCS Reds defeat Nationals
WS Reds defeat Rangers
AL MVP Robinson Cano
NL MVP Joey Votto
AL Cy Young James Shields
NL Cy Young Roy Halladay
Considering I might be writing about the MLB a lot soon, I'd like to point out my two favorite teams are the Tigers and Orioles (in that order). That's all!


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